A Truly Next-Generational Mathematics Resource

Learn Study Cram allows students, teacher and proactive parents to learn, study and cram for assessments with unprecedentedly sophisticated, yet student-friendly, software

Our Mission Statement

All current educational systems are rife with systemic issues that have remained unsolved for hundreds of years – tragically limiting the ability of students to: understand content, remain engaged and succeed academically.
Using modern technology, we have worked to solve them:

Unlock Potential

The Prussian Educational Model limits individualised academic success by homogenising ability within classrooms. Learn Study Cram always appeals directly to its student users’ current ability and builds productive study skills based on independent learning.

Consistency Over the Years

We refuse to teach concepts that need to be unlearnt a few years later. All of the Mathematical approaches and strategies within Learn Study Cram are consistent, with a sustained incremental

Ergonomic Design

Our Graphic User Interface is clean, accessible and warm; allowing users of all abilities, as well as those with limited experience with technology, to navigate through the application with ease.

Accountable Learning

Self-marking and auto-marking on a question-by-question basis allow students to learn by answering questions correctly, from the very start of their experience, so students do not memorise bad habits.

Ultimate Accessibility

Access Learn Study Cram from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to have a truly ubiquitous mathematics resource – useful during and between classroom and independent tuition lessons.

Specific to Syllabus

Learn Study Cram content is written with close consultation to syllabus materials, ensuring that all questions are relevant and poignant for preparation in-class assessments and examinations.

Minimize Risks

Experts say that a year of poor teaching can negatively impact student outcomes for years. With Learn Study Cram’s celebrated individualised approach, you are no longer dependent on intra-scholastic logistics.

Unique Realistic Approach to Education

Students can start using Learn Study Cram at any time of year to immediately boost confidence and performance – using a multitude of clever systems and brilliantly innovative functionality

Flexible Pricing Options

A variety in pricing structures means that you can enjoy the maximum possible value while your son, daughter or student exponentially improves their understanding of Mathematics.


The way you learn affects your entire experience with the subject matter. Students can enjoy our comprehensive library of content packages, which allow them to learn the content covered in class, so that they can have a competitive edge when assessments and examinations roll around.


Once a concept is learnt, it must be mastered. Students can ask this next-generational application questions from their classwork or homework so that any misunderstood elements are comprehensively removed, while a deep understanding is encouraged and eventually established.


You are never marked on your understanding, you are marked on your ability to communicate an understanding. Students are able to replicate examination conditions with practice examination functionality that works on field-testing students’ performance before it counts toward a final grade.